Iā€™m a 33 year old French artist, currently pursuing a BFA in painting at the University of Brighton, UK. I started making collages in my mid twenties, and displayed them in a solo show in 2016. I recently crowdfunded and published a book on the show, Le Kolaj 2010-2016. Drawing has since become my medium of choice. My drawings were shown in the solo show Family Portraits (Paris, 2019). I am currently preparing my first painting show The Grand Tour, that will take place in Brighton from April 12th until April 26th.

Other collective exhibitions include To Whom It May Concern at the Bass and Reiner Gallery (San Francisco, 2015), the 2nd edition of the To Gaether Festival at the Carreau du Temple (Paris, 2017), and the Fine Art Painting 2nd year show at the University of Brighton (Brighton, 2019) of which I was also a curator.